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National TOMs

At Shared Apprenticeships, we can help contractors across all 5 themes of the National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) framework including NT1; NT8; NT9; NT10; NT11; NT12; NT13; NT14; NT18; NT21; NT29.

1. Jobs

  • Employing young people from the local community
  • Creating new jobs
  • Creating new skills through apprenticeships
  • Making it easy for contractors to support an apprentice (through Shared Apprenticeships)

2. Growth

  • Regional coverage across South-West England – see Our Locations
  • Engaging with local schools across the region
  • Helping to raise aspirations
  • Engaging with organisations that deliver inspirational activities such as job shops, bootcamps, careers events, and work experience
  • Advertising vacancies in the local area
  • Interviewing local people (typically aged 16-25 years)
  • Engaging with organisations which focus on addressing equality, diversity and inclusion in the industry – e.g., Building People
  • Providing academic supervision
    • to minimise any challenges with studying, whether due to academic or mental health pressures
    • committed to completions – we have above average success rates for construction apprenticeships
    • focused on progressing our apprentices into full-time employment and / or a higher apprenticeship

3. Social

  • Providing a dedicated mentor
    • to monitor the general health and wellbeing of our apprentices
    • with a Mental Health First Aider qualification to be alert to the mental health of our apprentices
    • with an Enhanced DBS check and Safeguarding qualification to be alert to the welfare of our mostly teenage apprentices
  • Providing a Dedicated Safeguarding Lead as part of our HR management
    • Level 3 qualified to ensure a clear escalation process if required
  • Keeping our apprentices local wherever possible
  • Ensuring recognised health & safety training for our apprentices

4. Environment

  • Most of our apprenticeships incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations.
  • Minimising travel pollution by:
    • Keeping our apprentices local, working on construction sites as near as possible to their home town
    • Sourcing a local college or specialist provider for our apprentices with many able to attend on block release
    • Funding a saver Railcard for those apprentices able / wanting to travel by train instead of driving
  • Read more here

5. Innovation

  • Providing a dedicated mentor
  • Providing a Dedicated Safeguarding Lead as part of our HR management
  • Providing academic supervision
  • Keeping our apprentices local wherever possible
    • to minimise travel times
    • to maintain at-home support outside working hours
    • to strengthen ties with the community impacted by the build