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Environmental Benefits

At Shared Apprenticeships, there is an environmental benefit to our offer:

  • Environmental policy – we are committed to minimising our environmental impact.
  • Air quality – we monitor the use of vehicles to minimise health risks due to air emissions.
  • Sustainability strategy – we understand how to drive best practice in sustainability using a framework such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more on our Making a Difference page.

Management Team

  • Waste – we minimise waste by recycling and by monitoring responsible sourcing of materials.
  • Emissions – we minimise our carbon footprint by working remotely and proactively seeking ways to reduce mileage.
  • Printing – we use recycled paper and keep paper printing to a minimum.
  • Mileage – we ensure multi-purpose journeys and carefully selected vehicles to minimise emissions.
  • Meetings – the team meet remotely wherever possible and select venues based on distance and environmental impact.

Our Apprentices

  • Digitalised processes – our apprentices use digital timesheets and an HR management APP to minimise paper and postage.
  • Work – our apprentices work on construction sites as near as possible to their hometown.
  • College – wherever possible our apprentices travel to a local college, and some can attend on block release.
  • Travel – we provide a saver Railcard for those apprentices able / wanting to travel by train instead of driving.
  • Study – Most of our apprenticeships incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations. Examples include:
    • waste awareness – e.g., surface water management and recycling
    • minimising the environmental impact – of construction projects
    • understanding sustainability issues – in projects across economic, social and environmental aspects
    • identifying, assessing, and recording – the environmental impact of projects
    • understanding the principles – of environmentally responsible work practices
    • knowledge of environmental factors – when undertaking construction work and potential impacts
    • compliance – with environmental requirements
  • Green Apprenticeships – we can employ apprentices on any sustainable apprenticeship where they are on placement in the construction industry and wider built environment.