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Academic Supervision

Shared Apprenticeships is a not-for-profit VCSE / Social Enterprise employing, mentoring and supporting young people, typically aged 16-25, in the Construction industry and wider Built Environment. We collaborate with college and aim to see our apprentices through to completion. Contact Us for details and read our Testimonials here.

Committed to completions

  • Progress – supervising the progress of our apprentices through to completion.
  • Early finish – enabling many of our apprentices to complete ahead of the published timescales.

Collaborating with key stakeholders

  • College Assessors – helping ensure that our apprentices are progressing as expected.
  • Professional and Trade bodies – seeking opportunities for additional training and benefits.
  • Site Management – helping to ensure the work is matched as closely as possible to the course modules.
  • Interventions – supporting college with academic interventions if ever required.
  • Attending college review meetings – whether in the workplace or via videocalls.

Seeking opportunities to recognise success

  • Internal Awards – nominating apprentices for Apprentice of the Month.
  • Proactive – seeking opportunities to celebrate academic achievements.