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Careers Activities

Shared Apprenticeships is a specialist apprentice employer, supporting and mentoring young people,, in the Construction industry and wider Built Environment. We aim to see each of our apprentices through to successful completion and onward progression into the industry. And as part of our work, we help to inspire young people and raise aspirations. Contact Us for details and read our Testimonials here.

Raising aspirations

  • We use social media to raise awareness of career paths in the local area.
  • We use a variety of role model imagery to widen appeal.
  • We have a website careers page dedicated to ‘Why Construction?
  • We widen participation in the industry by employing entry-level apprentices.
  • We ensure opportunities are more accessible by:

Raising awareness of opportunities

  • We are in contact with school, college and independent careers staff across the region.
  • We raise awareness of our local vacancies with youth-support organisations in the region.

Apprenticeships and jobs fairs

  • We attend college-run and independent apprenticeship events across the region.

Supporting schools with Gatsby Benchmarks

  • We share local labour market information. ​
  • We help careers leads to address the needs of individual students.
  • We enable employer and employee access.

School careers fairs

  • We attend school careers events across the region.

Careers workshops

  • We support schools with careers activities including unbiased information on construction careers.