Shared Apprenticeships

Next Generation & Diversity

Shared Apprenticeships is a not-for-profit VCSE / Social Enterprise employing young people,. We widen participation and focus on equality, diversity and inclusion by supporting and mentoring our apprentices, aiming to see each one through to successful completion and onward progression into the industry. There’s more about being an apprentice here and read our Testimonials here.

Next Generation

  • Youth employer – most of our employees are young apprentices,.
  • Mobile friendly – everyone has access to our HR App for digital timesheets and annual leave requests.
  • Paid to go to college – we pay our apprentices to go to college and reimburse associated travel costs.
  • Motivated – we recognise success with Apprentice of the Month and external awards.
  • Youth-friendly – we are proud to display the Youth-friendly Employer logo.

Health & Safety

  • Heath & Safety from Day 1 – we deliver an induction, provide PPE and arrange for our apprentices to complete several health & safety training courses from the outset.
  • Health & Safety throughout – we check in regularly to gauge the health & safety of our apprentices.


  • Home-based – our apprentices are able to go home at night which helps their wellbeing and studying.
  • Experience – we have come across most financial and emotional issues which young people can face and have an experienced team in place who aim to manage situations and support whatever might arise.
  • Mentor – each apprentice is in regular contact with their Apprentice Manager who is a dedicated mentor with Enhanced DBS, Prevent training, Safeguarding and Mental Health First Aid qualifications.
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead – our Apprentice Managers are backed up by our experienced DSL.
  • Employee Assistance Programme – our Employee Assistance Program includes 24/7 counselling.


  • Helping to address inequality – focus on underrepresented groups – e.g., recruiting and supporting more females and those with minority backgrounds into the industry.
  • Widening participation – offering early-careers pathways and employing a wide variety of apprentices.

Academic Supervision – Read more here.

  • Regardless of grades – whether our apprentices have top grades or no grades when they start, we ensure they have academic supervision
  • Committed to completions– we aim to see our apprentices to completion and not to abandon at HNC.

Environmental benefits – Read more here.

  • Local apprentices – Our apprentices stay local, have shorter travel times and most still live at home.
  • Minimising carbon emissions – e.g., using public transport, issuing Railcards and using videocalls.
  • Study format – many of our apprentices have the option to study on block release or in the workplace.
  • Construction apprenticeships – most incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations.

Apprentice experts

  • SWAAN – we are active members of the South-West Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network.
  • Influencers – we work closely with key stakeholders including colleges, DfE, ESFA, CITB, regional construction organisations, social enterprise groups, professional bodies and trade associations.
  • Award-winning employer – we are proud to have been recognised as a leading Apprentice Employer.
  • College contacts – we are very experienced at sourcing apprenticeship training in the region.

Future recruits

  • Helping to address the skills shortage – bringing young people into the industry in South-West England.
  • Creating careers – enabling contractors to work with apprentices in addition to their usual recruits.
  • Onward progression – steering our apprentices into full-time employment and/or a higher apprenticeship.
  • Quality applicants – qualified, trained, CSCS cards and highly experienced in the workplace having also benefitted from, on average, two years of support from a dedicated mentor as well as academic supervision.